Property Finder / Buyer’s Help

Diversify your real estate portfolio and buy properties with rental history globally.

The Global Property Guide specializes in analysing global real estate market and locating properties with existing rental income.

Our expertise is helping non-residents buy high yield investment properties in Europe, Caribbean and Middle-East for rental income and personal use.

1. Property Finder

Whether it’s a charming vacation villa, a cozy beachfront condominium or a an apartment building  – we have the expertise to find your ideal rental property for sale.

How we find properties

In most of the countries, we collaborate with trusted estate agents who have proven their reliability over time. Then we do an extensive online search to find additional properties for sale.

We also possess extensive networks of contacts, enabling us to explore privately available properties that are not official listed as ‘for sale’.

After identifying the properties, we request rental history and a breakdown of expenses/costs for each property including Airbnb/Vrbo profile (if short-term rental).

How to get started

Since we look for properties that are backed by a solid rental history, we don’t start the search process until we are 100% confident we understand your criteria and we can deliver.

Whenever possible, we schedule a quick call to gather more information from your buying criteria. We ask some questions, such as the purpose of the purchase (e.g.,investment, holiday property, relocation), your target yield and the allocated budget.

  • Cost: €900 / $990 (one-time fee)

2. Dedicated Buyer’s Help

Once you have chosen a property, we can act as your advocate and consultant in negotiating the most favorable price and overseeing the entire process from making an offer to transaction completion.

If you require services from third-party experts such as lawyers, surveyors, interior designers, or property managers, accounts we can connect you with highly skilled local professionals.

We are dedicated to assisting our clients in saving both time and money while operating rental properties with minimal effort.

It’s important to note that we do not accept commissions from these service providers, ensuring that our advice remains unbiased and up-to-date.

  • Cost: 2.5% from the final price

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